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Muvee Reveal X Serial Key Free

I don't know about you, but if there's one thing my family has is stills and video of the kids. Pulling it all together into some kind of real HD quality movie isn't always easy. This is why applications like muvee Reveal X can be so valuable. Its an easy to use, Windows app that helps you have fund with your memories.

Muvee Reveal X Serial Key

muvee Reveal X helps you create HD quality movies from your home videos with just a few mouse clicks. It can help you pump up your home videos with professional effects, transitions, great looking titles, credits, captions, as well as mood music. You can even import photos and videos from multiple cameras. Even if each source comes in different formats, sizes, and aspect ratios muvee Reveal X makes it easy to bring it all together.

All you have to do is select your photos and videos and then select a movie style from one of the six included styles. After that, you can preview and save your work, before sharing it any way you want. Regardless of how you share your work, muvee Reveal X provides several options to show off your skills.

Conclusion: muvee Reveal X is a really cool program. If you like taking video with a solid state video camera or your smartphone, then you're really gonna like this app. Once on your PC, all you need to do is drag and drop your content where you want it. Muvee Reveal X does the rest. While a bit pricey for a desktop app, the price may well be worth it. The app has a lot to offer and has a number of really great ways to share the results.

HD Movie Making Made Easy! In a few clicks, pump up your home videos to awesome movies. muvee Reveal X comes complete with professional effects, transitions, great looking Titles, Credits, Captions, and Music to set the mood. Yes, it's that easy and YOU can look like a Pro!muvee Reveal X allows you to import photos and videos from multiple cameras....

I have been using muvee's range of tools to create quick movies and slideshows for a long time now -- not only are these tools very intuitive to use, but they make sure that anyone can create professional looking movie montages in minutes -- these same results could take hours and days using other video editing tools. Sure, you get a lot more control in the other high end tools, but most of the time you just want to get in your camcorder footage and make something presentable -- and you want it fast.

muvee recently sent me a new version of their product -- it's called muvee Reveal, and it's a completely rewritten program that makes creating professional looking movies even easier. Let us explore muvee Reveal in this review.

You can download a trial version of muvee Reveal that functions like the full version for 15 days. The download is quite large at 88 mb -- and you may also have to install the .NET 3.0 framework and Microsoft C++ redistributable if you don't already have them -- so be prepared for a little wait to get started.

Sharing muvves: Creating muvees is half the fun -- the other half entails sharing them with others. muvee Reveal provides several new sharing options including -- a new video sharing site promoted by the folks at muvee (see Figure 3). You can still create DVDs, save for iPods and PSPs -- and export to a range of common file formats. is a very contemporary looking movie sharing site that allows you to upload your videos -- and organize them within albums -- these uploaded muvees and albums can be shared (see Figure 4 below).

muvee Reveal costs $99.95 -- this is considerably lower than the cost of the previous version. muvee Reveal is also available at an upgrade pricing of $59.95 to existing muvee user as of version 4, 5, and 6 products.

There's probably no easier and quicker way to create a quick movie clip from your footage than by using muvee Reveal. There's just the right amount of control and personalization available -- and if you want to save your time and create professional looking output -- then your money will be well spent on muvee Reveal.


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