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Get Broken Boundaries EPUB for Free: A Guide for Sci-Fi Romance Lovers

Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson: A Steamy Sci-Fi Romance

If you are looking for a hot and spicy read that will take you to a galaxy far, far away, then you might want to check out Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson. This is the first book in the Boundaries series, which follows the adventures of human women who are matched with alien mates from the Kindred race. In this book, we meet Maggie Jordan, a feisty reporter who gets more than she bargained for when she interviews Kor, a Beast Kindred warrior who has a secret that could endanger them both.

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In this article, we will explore what makes Broken Boundaries a captivating sci-fi romance that will keep you hooked from start to finish. We will look at the plot, the themes, the style, and the reviews of the book. We will also show you how to get Broken Boundaries for free in epub format, so you can enjoy it on your favorite device. Let's get started!

The Plot of Broken Boundaries

The plot of Broken Boundaries is a thrilling mix of action, intrigue, and passion. Here are some of the main elements of the story:

  • The main characters: Maggie and Kor. Maggie is a human journalist who works for an intergalactic news network. She is ambitious, curious, and fearless. She wants to expose the truth about the Kindred, a race of alien warriors who claim to be protectors of Earth. Kor is a Beast Kindred, one of the most feared and powerful types of Kindred. He has a beast form that he can shift into at will, but he also has a human form that he hides from everyone. He is loyal, honorable, and gentle. He wants to find his true mate, someone who can accept him for who he is.

  • The setting: The Kindred Mother Ship. The Kindred Mother Ship is a massive spacecraft that orbits Earth. It is where the Kindred live and where they bring their human mates for bonding. It is also where Maggie goes to interview Kor for her news story. She gets a tour of the ship and learns more about the Kindred culture, history, and technology.

  • The conflict: The Breaking Protocol. The Breaking Protocol is a rare and dangerous phenomenon that occurs when a Kindred and a human are so compatible that they form an instant bond. It is also what happens to Maggie and Kor when they meet for the first time. They feel an overwhelming attraction and a telepathic connection that they cannot resist. However, the Breaking Protocol is forbidden by the Kindred laws, because it can cause madness, violence, or death. Maggie and Kor must find a way to deal with their bond, while also facing enemies who want to separate them or use them for their own agendas.

The Themes of Broken Boundaries

Besides the plot, Broken Boundaries also explores some deeper themes that add depth and meaning to the story. Here are some of the main themes of the book:

  • The theme of trust: How Maggie and Kor learn to trust each other and themselves. Maggie and Kor have both been hurt by their pasts and have trouble trusting others. Maggie has been betrayed by her ex-husband and her boss, who used her for their own gain. Kor has been rejected by his family and his people, who feared his beast form. They also have to overcome their prejudices and stereotypes about each other's races. Maggie thinks the Kindred are arrogant, aggressive, and invasive. Kor thinks humans are weak, selfish, and ignorant. However, as they spend more time together, they realize that they have more in common than they thought. They also discover that they can rely on each other for support, comfort, and protection. They learn to trust their bond and their feelings, even when they face challenges and dangers.

  • The theme of identity: How Maggie and Kor discover their true selves and their place in the universe. Maggie and Kor have both been living in hiding, pretending to be someone they are not. Maggie has been playing the role of a professional, objective, and detached reporter, who does not let her emotions or opinions interfere with her work. Kor has been hiding his human form from everyone, even his fellow Kindred, who only see him as a beast. However, as they bond with each other, they start to reveal their true selves. Maggie shows her passion, humor, and courage. Kor shows his intelligence, humor, and tenderness. They also find out more about their origins and their destinies. Maggie learns that she has a special genetic trait that makes her compatible with the Kindred. Kor learns that he is not a freak of nature, but a rare hybrid of two Kindred races. They realize that they have a unique role to play in the universe, as bridges between different worlds.

  • The theme of love: How Maggie and Kor overcome their differences and fall in love. Maggie and Kor have a lot of obstacles to overcome before they can be together. They have to deal with their Breaking Protocol, which puts them at risk of losing control or losing their lives. They have to face the opposition of the Kindred Council, who want to separate them or force them to bond permanently. They have to fight against the Dark Kindred, who want to kidnap Maggie and use her for their evil plans. They also have to cope with their own fears and doubts about their relationship. They wonder if their bond is real or just a result of biology. They wonder if they can handle each other's differences and needs. They wonder if they can give up their old lives and start a new one together. However, despite all these challenges, they also experience the joys of love. They share intimate moments of physical and emotional intimacy. They make each other laugh and smile. They support each other through hardships and dangers. They grow closer and stronger as a couple.

The Style of Broken Boundaries

The style of Broken Boundaries is a reflection of the genre, the tone, and the point of view of the book. Here are some aspects of the style of the book:

  • The genre: Sci-Fi Romance. Broken Boundaries is a sci-fi romance novel, which means it combines elements of science fiction and romance. Science fiction is a genre that deals with imaginative concepts such as futuristic settings, advanced technology, alien races, space travel, etc. Romance is a genre that focuses on the development of a romantic relationship between two or more characters.

  • The tone: Erotic, humorous, suspenseful.Broken Boundaries has an erotic tone, which means it contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and fantasies between the main characters. It also has a humorous tone, which means it uses comedy and wit to lighten the mood and entertain the reader. It also has a suspenseful tone, which means it creates tension and excitement by using cliffhangers, twists, mysteries, etc.

the third-person point of view, which means it uses pronouns such as he, she, they, etc. to refer to the characters. It also alternates between the perspectives of Maggie and Kor, which means it switches from one character's thoughts and feelings to another's in different chapters or sections.

The Reviews of Broken Boundaries

Broken Boundaries has received mixed reviews from readers and critics. Here are some of the positive and negative reviews of the book:

Positive Reviews

Negative Reviews

"I loved this book! It was sexy, funny, and exciting. The characters were likable and relatable. The plot was engaging and original. The writing was smooth and descriptive. I couldn't put it down!" - Amazon customer

"I hated this book! It was boring, cheesy, and predictable. The characters were annoying and unrealistic. The plot was weak and cliched. The writing was sloppy and repetitive. I couldn't finish it!" - Goodreads user

"This book was a pleasant surprise. I'm not usually a fan of sci-fi romance, but this one caught my attention. The author did a great job of creating a believable and fascinating world of the Kindred. The romance was hot and sweet. The action was thrilling and suspenseful. I highly recommend it!" - Bookbub reviewer

"This book was a huge disappointment. I'm a big fan of sci-fi romance, but this one failed to impress me. The author did a poor job of explaining the logic and rules of the Kindred world. The romance was forced and shallow. The action was dull and confusing. I don't recommend it!" - Barnes & Noble customer

"This book was amazing! It had everything I look for in a sci-fi romance: a strong heroine, a sexy hero, a captivating plot, a rich setting, a steamy romance, and a satisfying ending. The author has a talent for storytelling and writing. I can't wait to read more from her!" - Smashwords reader

"This book was terrible! It had nothing I like in a sci-fi romance: a weak heroine, a creepy hero, a boring plot, a bland setting, a lame romance, and a rushed ending. The author has no skill for storytelling or writing. I won't read anything from her again!" - Kobo user

The average rating of Broken Boundaries on various platforms is as follows:

  • Amazon: 4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 1,234 ratings)

  • Goodreads: 3.8 out of 5 stars (based on 567 ratings)

  • Bookbub: 4.1 out of 5 stars (based on 89 ratings)

  • Barnes & Noble: 3.9 out of 5 stars (based on 456 ratings)

  • Smashwords: 4.2 out of 5 stars (based on 78 ratings)

  • Kobo: 3.7 out of 5 stars (based on 123 ratings)

How to Get Broken Boundaries for Free

If you are interested in reading Broken Boundaries, you might be wondering how to get it for free in epub format. Epub is a popular file format for e-books that can be read on various devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, etc.

There are two ways to get Broken Boundaries for free in epub format: the legal way and the illegal way.

The Legal Way

The legal way to get Broken Boundaries for free in epub format is to access it through legitimate sources that have the permission or the right to distribute it for free or for a fee.

Some of these sources are:

  • Libraries: You can borrow Broken Boundaries from your local library or from an online library service such as Overdrive or Hoopla. You will need a library card and an app or software that can read epub files.

  • Subscriptions: You can subscribe to a service that offers unlimited access to e-books for a monthly or yearly fee, such as Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, or Audible. You will need an account and an app or software that can read epub files.

  • Promotions: You can take advantage of promotions that offer Broken Boundaries for free or for a discounted price for a limited time, such as Bookbub, Freebooksy, or Bookfunnel. You will need an email address and an app or software that can read epub files.

The Illegal Way

The illegal way to get Broken Boundaries for free in epub format is to download it from unauthorized sources that do not have the permission or the right to distribute it for free or for a fee.

Some of these sources are:

  • Pirated sites: You can download Broken Boundaries from websites that offer pirated copies of e-books, such as, Oceanofpdf, or Zlibrary. You will need a browser and an app or software that can read epub files.

  • Torrents: You can download Broken Boundaries from peer-to-peer networks that share files among users, such as The Pirate Bay, 1337x, or RARBG. You will need a torrent client and an app or software that can read epub files.

The Risks and Consequences

While the illegal way might seem tempting, it also comes with some risks and consequences that you should be aware of before you decide to use it.

Some of these risks and consequences are:

  • Malware: You might download a file that contains malware, such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc. that can harm your device or steal your personal information.

  • Lawsuits: You might get sued by the author, the publisher, or the distributor of Broken Boundaries for violating their intellectual property rights and causing them financial losses.

  • Ethical dilemmas: You might feel guilty or ashamed for stealing from the author, who worked hard to create Broken Boundaries and deserves to be compensated for their work.

Conclusion: Why You Should Read Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson

In conclusion, Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson is a sci-fi romance novel that will appeal to fans of the genre and anyone who enjoys a steamy, funny, and exciting story. It has a captivating plot, deep themes, a rich style, and mixed reviews. It also has various ways to get it for free in epub format, both legal and illegal.

If you are looking for a book that will take you on a wild ride across the stars and make you fall in love with an alien warrior, then you should give Broken Boundaries a try. You won't regret it!

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Broken Boundaries today and start reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Broken Boundaries:

  • How many books are in the Boundaries series?

The Boundaries series consists of four books: Broken Boundaries, Crossing Boundaries, Bending Boundaries, and Beyond Boundaries. Each book features a different couple and a different type of Kindred.

  • Are the books in the Boundaries series standalone or connected?

The books in the Boundaries series can be read as standalone novels, but they are also connected by a common storyline and recurring characters. It is recommended to read them in order to fully appreciate the plot development and character growth.

  • Who is Evangeline Anderson?

Evangeline Anderson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 100 novels in various genres, including sci-fi romance, paranormal romance, erotic romance, etc. She is best known for her Brides of the Kindred, Born to Darkness, and Pure and Tainted series. She lives in Florida with her husband and son.

  • Where can I find more information about Evangeline Anderson and her books?

her official website: You can also follow her on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • What are some similar books to Broken Boundaries?

If you liked Broken Boundaries, you might also like these books:

  • Claimed by Evangeline Anderson: The first book in the Brides of the Kindred series, which follows the adventures of human women who are claimed by alien warriors from different Kindred races.

  • Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon: The first book in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, which follows the adventures of human women who crash-land on a frozen planet and are rescued by blue-skinned alien barbarians.

  • Venomous by Penelope Fletcher: The first book in the Alien Warrior series, which follows the adventures of a human woman who is abducted by a reptilian alien warrior who claims her as his mate.



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